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With a background in professional cycling and extensive global travel, Dr. Lauren brings an unusually diverse worldview to her practice. Growing up in New Zealand, her mother’s wariness of orthodox medicine taught Dr. Lauren to pursue sunshine, fresh produce and herbal remedies as a means to maintain daily wellness. Yet when her grueling athletic pursuits led to injury and illness, she found holistic chiropractic care to be the most potent way to promote her body’s self-healing.


After earning a Bachelor of Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (the equivalent of an American Doctor of Chiropractic), her diverse educational interests led her to travel extensively throughout Asia, and to teach and practice chiropractic around the world. She eventually set down roots in Denver in 2014, founding Nikau Chiropractic as homage to the iconic Nikau trees that line the shores of her native New Zealand.

Beyond her Denver practice, Dr. Lauren has launched a series of Nikau programs that cater specifically to female practitioners. Nikau Talks is a podcast featuring frank and inspiring conversations with female leaders from across the wellness industry. Nikau Seminars are two-day workshops addressing the specific physical and psychological needs of female chiropractic students. Finally, Nikau Retreats are multi-day service trips that invite students and active practitioners to engage with underserved communities and take time for self-care. In developing these initiatives, Dr. Lauren has pioneered the first nationwide program of chiropractic education that addresses the unique strengths and challenges of women in the field.


“There’s something powerful that happens when women are able to connect deeply and authentically with other women. Sharing our strengths, hopes and perspectives with one and other can fortify our ability to show up with purpose every day.”