The modern world is full of imbalances, from the air we breathe and the food we eat to the way we physically spend our days (for most of us, seated). These disproportionate taxes on the body teach us to live outside a state of well-being, in which we often lose sight of what it feels like to enjoy the full, healthful freedom of our bodies.

Founded on a profound understanding of the human nervous system, chiropractic care is one of the most powerful modalities for addressing both the physiology and psychology of imbalance. At Nikau Chiropractic, our doctors facilitate a process of “inside out” healing, helping patients address errors in alignment that can block the flow of energy through the nervous system and lead to the body’s breakdown over time.

Whether resolving acute injury and illness, or protecting the body against future complications, our comprehensive approach addresses a wide range of irregularities in the body. Our analysis begins with the spine and the nervous system, yet also extends to the organs and hormonal systems. Long-term patients have regularly experienced the improvement of digestive ailments, depression and other chronic conditions.

Dr. Lauren is a miracle worker. I’ve struggled with neck and back pain for over a decade now, dealing with scoliosis and other issues. In just a short time Dr. Lauren has made my chronic pain nearly disappear completely. She’s also helped with sleep trouble, other health issues and even vertigo. I tell everyone I know to go see Dr. Lauren. She’s that good!
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Working with Dr. Lauren Koedyk at Nikau Chiropractic has been life-changing. I have worked with several chiropractors in the past who I thought were ‘good’. Dr. Lauren raised that bar way up. Her attention to detail from the initial assessment and questionnaire on the first visit to her continued fine tuning of my body has been exceptional.

Dr. Lauren Koedyk

With a background in professional cycling and extensive global travel, Dr. Lauren brings an unusually diverse worldview to her practice. Growing up in New Zealand, her mother’s wariness of orthodox medicine taught Dr. Lauren to pursue sunshine, fresh produce and herbal remedies as a means to maintain daily wellness. Yet when her grueling athletic pursuits led to injury and illness, she found holistic chiropractic care to be the most potent way to promote her body’s self-healing.

After earning a Bachelor of Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (the equivalent of an American Doctor of Chiropractic). Her diverse educational interests led her to travel extensively throughout Asia, and to teach and practice chiropractic around the world. She eventually set down roots in Denver in 2014, founding Nikau Chiropractic as homage to the iconic Nikau trees that line the shores of her native New Zealand.


Dr. Natalie Rosenzweig

Dr. Natalie is a graduate of Parker University's chiropractic program in Dallas, Texas. Her specialties include traditional manual adjusting, instrument-assisted adjustments, light touch mind-body techniques and soft tissue therapy.

Beyond this clinical work, Dr. Natalie serves on the Board of Directors of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, bringing an international perspective to her practice. Over the past two years, she has also been an active participant in Nikau seminars and service trips, studying closely under founder Dr. Lauren Koedyk. We are thrilled to have Dr. Natalie joining us from her home in Florida to help lead the Denver practice as a co-owner and lead practitioner.

Dr. Lauren serves my whole family with her magic. My kids are ages 1-8 years. A natural with children, Dr. Lauren’s demeanor is patient, calm, and empowering. Since receiving chiropractic care from her my kids now are so aware of their bodies that they know when they need to be adjusted, and will ask to see her on their own. I’m so grateful for her work and her service to our family.
Dr. Lauren is pure magic. She has worked on every member of my family and every time we see her, I feel relieved, hopeful, awake, and whole. Not only is her work in her office life-changing, but the bits of wisdom that flow effortlessly from her, stay with me months after an appointment. She empowers me with my 3 kids and is a true light on my journey. I recommend her to everyone!